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School Projects

MSU-Bozeman Leon Johnson Hall
MSU - Leon Johnson Hall

Leon Johnson is a complete upgrade from a pneumatic system to a new direct digital controls system. All 8 floors and Lecture halls of this building are being updated with new controls. The heating and cooling system utilizes a heatpump and variable speed pumping to provide heating and cooling to all the equipment in the building. The DDC also communicates with the Phoenix pressurization system to help maintain building pressures.

Fairview Public School
Fairview Public School

Fairview was a mixture of systems and add-on’s. Few of the schools controls worked together, most of it was stand alone. Not only did they gain controllability of their system they gained comfort and energy savings.

Broadus Public School

This is a good example of an old pneumatics system that has started to fail. With the upgrade to our controls the main equipment is providing comfort to the occupants.

Sidney Public School
Sidney High School

This is a fine example of what a heat pump system can do for an Eastern Montana school. Almost all of the old furnaces have been removed and energy efficient heat pumps have been installed. With our control system, we are able to monitor and control the system loop to provide stable water temperatures for all the heat pumps.

Glendive Public School

The gym and auditorium are good examples of a complicated pneumatic system that did not function as it was intended to. The gym has 8 AHU’s and 4 exhaust fans that no longer worked per the original design. The auditorium had 3 AHU’s and 3 remote exhaust fans that operated much the same way as the gym. With our controls, we were able to link all units in the gym and auditorium together to gain controllability, comfort and energy efficiency.

Huntley Project Junior High/High School

This was a complete rebuild after a fire destroyed the old high school. We controlled most of the buildings on campus. This was an opportunity to migrate them to the new Lonworks communication protocol. This enabled them to install the latest technology in the high school while maintaining what they already have on campus. The entire campus communicates through the web server.

Other Projects

Pioneer Medical Center

Through a government grant under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) the hospital has been able to continue the modernization of their control system. Through this process they have been able to get better control of the system and give them better comfort and energy efficiency.

USDA Sidney Smart Meter
Sidney Northern Plains Agriculture Research Station Energy Monitoring

Sidney Northern Plains Agriculture Research Station energy monitoring

MTI was selected to supply an energy monitoring system to Northern Plains Agriculture Research Laboratory located in Sidney, Montana. With this system, the lab is able to monitor their natural gas usage and power usage and quality. Any changes in facility usage or to energy consuming equipment can be seen immediately. Energy usage can be tracked and trends can be established allowing the facility to decrease consumption, increase availability and optimize costs related to energy.

In addition to supplying the equipment for this project, MTI arranged to have a Schneider Electric senior field service technician provide start-up and commissioning services for the meters. This service was provided to ensure that the meters were functioning as intended and were calibrated correctly. All software was loaded and functional, and the owner was able to view and print reports containing the desired information.

Home on the Range

This is the first LEED Platinum project in the State of Montana. This project consists of radiant floor heating and swamp coolers. It utilizes solar water heating and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) for the main supply fans. The building’s CO2 is monitored and fresh air is adjusted to keep levels safe and comfortable. Building pressure sensors adjust the relief dampers to ensure a slightly positive building pressure to prevent air infiltration.

Alberta Bair Theater

We upgraded this facility from various pneumatic and electric systems that did not communicate with each other to a system that provides comfort and saves energy. The system is also sensitive to theater needs to keep noise to a minimum resulting in virtually “disturbance free” events.

Faith Chapel

This is Faith Chapel’s largest addition/remodel to date. There are various types of systems in the church. The latest addition is a standard VAV system. The new space features offices and a sanctuary with a balcony. It also incorporates the newest Lonworks control communications protocol while maintaining the older NW8000 proprietary protocol in the existing part of the church. The system maintains comfortable spaces for any event large or small.

Transwestern Plaza

The Transwestern Plaza is made up of 4 buildings including Montana’s tallest, First Interstate Bank. These buildings are currently NW8000 and are in the process of being migrated to the new Lonworks and BACnet communications protocol.

St. Johns Nursing Home

We have been working with St. John’s Lutheran Ministry as they have grown over the years. The controls needed in this high quality complex have increased as they have added multiple wings over the years with various types of systems. The newest equipment upgrade incorporates a third party boiler system that we connected to our existing system using the Modbus Protocol. We have also connected the adjacent Mission Ridge retirement home into their computer system.

G&G Advertising

The old Masonic Temple has been totally gutted and remodeled utilizing radiant floor heat and mechanical forced air cooling. The building has some spaces with a VAV system for areas that have a changing demand, such as the Montana State University-Billings classrooms on the first floor.

U.S. Bank

This was an old DMS and pneumatic system. With our controls, we now have all the major equipment working together to provide comfort and energy efficiency. The system replaced needless devices that had a potential to fail. By replacing all or most of these devices, we were able to reduce service calls and make troubleshooting easier.

Yellowstone Bank

This is a simple VAV system with reheats. Our controls offer an aesthetic look to the interior of the bank with its stone work.